The Big Question: Dynamic Pricing in Golf

Airlines survive because of dynamic pricing. Not always to the full content of the passengers with very high last-minute prices. What can we learn from various pricing strategies and are we ready for dynamic pricing in the golf industry? Pricing  specialist Andrew Davies from Australia and dynamic pricing specialist Arnaud Zunz from New York will share their insights and will discuss with you for the best strategy forward.

Modern Marketing

Most Golf Clubs are missing out on a lot of sales because their marketing is frankly prehistoric. For the industry to evolve and attract the people it not only wants but deserves, the basics of marketing in the 21st Century need to be mastered. This workshop will show you how. 

Golf and Sustainability

What used to be a hipster thing is now a no brainer, the broad sustainable approach of running our golf courses: come to this workshop to learn what good you already do, where you can get better and how you can benefit from it.

And where does it all Start?

With employee happiness. Happy employees create happy customers. A workshop on creating the happiest and therefor the best employees that will create better retention and more income. The specialist on employee happiness Gregg Patterson will guide you in this session.

Female Golf participation: how to unlock its true potential

There are currently many initiatives designed to increase participation of women and girls but are we adequately equipped with the knowledge required to meet the needs of these new female golfers?

Understanding our customer

The real insight in the needs of our customers: masterclass on the customer. Where are the big opportunities in giving our customer what he/she wants and needs from us? New insights based on the views of more than 900.000 golfers.

Stop the Biggest Leak in Golf

Once I get my customers inside I want to keep them there, especially the new ones. A workshop that shows how to build a customer journey for newcomers of all types, keeping them interested and keeping them at your club. 


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