Whilst we still have the very best of speakers from across the globe, the majority of the conference will be given across to workshops, allowing you to pick the brains of those at the top of the industry

Paul Armitage – General Manager Le Golf National

The inside story of Le Golf National, host of the Ryder Cup 2018. Paul Armitage is the well know General Manager of le Golf National, the spectacular venue of the 2018 Ryder Cup. Paul has an inspiring story to share about the road to the success of the Ryder Cup and especially about the change management that was needed at Le Golf. His story is truly inspiring for anybody operating a golf course. His apporach to make the venue and his team ready is important for any golf owner and manager.

Aarni Nordqvist – Golf Development Finnish Golf Union

Learn from the Best Player Developer. Aarni is on the fore front of player development in Finland. He is willing to share the important insights that he got in helping golf courses to improve their customer retention. With the help of the data from the survey tool Players First he sees and shows where the leak in golf is and how to fix it.

Darshan Singh – Change guru

The world is changing more rapidly every day. For golf to get up to speed we need to understand how we, owners and managers of golf courses, can organize change. It is commonly accepted in business that 70% of change programs fail. “Resistance to change” is a common explanation of why change programs fail; that employees resist change, but why is this?
This workshop will open your minds. By using neuroscience, this workshop will help you to understand how to adapt your behaviors in your journey towards your change, and how to regulate the right responses to the changes that are constantly taking place in the world around us.
This workshop will also help you to increase your self-awareness and self-management to understand how the mind and brain can work in partnership to enable you to motivate yourself in order to take better control of your journey.
Darshan Singh is one of the most popular speakers on change management. He will inspire you and send you home with inspiration, energy and concrete tools to start the change needed.

Susan Stevensen – HR Consultant

Take good care of your staff and they will take care of your customers. The biggest spend on golf courses is on staff. And it is also probably the biggest asset. Susan will teach you how to improve the performance of your staff. Based in Dubai Susan helps and coaches management all over the world in their skills in managing their staff to the highest level. The golf business is ready for some training.

David Roy – Golf Club Manager Crail Golfing Society

One of the attractive parts of golf is the heritage of the game. For any golf course it is important to be able to tell that story. As a general manager of one of Scotlands oldest clubs David Roy is a specialist in conserving the history of golf and helping you to create the story about your club. Building a heritage.

Stuart Orme – General Manager Golf Park Steinhuder Meer

As a golf course owner Stuart is going to share his insights and experience on creating a loyal member golfer out of a beginner. A very practical workshop that will give you ideas to directly implement at your club.

Christopher Boyd – former member of the European Commission

Christopher is a former official at the environment department of the European Commission working on greening the European Semester, which makes macroeconomic recommendations.
Previously, he was a partner in the European carbon advisory company Green CarbonLite, which provides carbon reduction advisory services. He also ran Naima Europe which does strategic legal communication.
As an economist,Christopher had a previous stint at the European Commission, working for fifteen years in Brussels, mostly on the euro. He was Jaqcues Delors’economic advisor from 1992 to 1995.

Lodewijk Klootwijk – CEO at GCAE

A big workshop on The Player Journey. Making ourselves attractive for the new golfer and continue to stay so after the first two years is essential. The new golfer has the future. In this workshop you will learn to be able to place yourself in the shoes of the beginning golfer so you can better understand what he or she is looking for. And how to match your offer to that need. Lodewijk is fascinated by the groth of the game and fixing the leak of newcomers leaving the game.


In the coming weeks we will be added more speakers to the already action packed agenda. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the exciting announcements by entering your in the form on the right hand side:

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